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A leading objective  that unites us at  TeleHealthKare Inc. is a  strong motivation to  improve access to quality  and affordable healthcare, regardless of

  • geographic location,

  • time of day or week, or

  • whether the patient has  any health insurance.

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Since the 1970s, communications and Internet has improved our lives in various ways. However, the rising cost of medical expenses has pushed healthcare out of reach for many communities in various countries. At TeleHealthKare Inc., we believe that with better use of technology, it is possible to  make quality healthcare, affordable and convenient. 

  • In the '80s and '90s, the internet set the foundation for e-banking and online shopping for the  common masses.

  • In the 2000s, it enabled massive open online courses (or MOOCs)  which made education affordable and easily accessible.

  • In the 2020s, telemedicine has the potential to improve the quality of lives of many, across the globe. 

While telehealth is not new, its adoption amongst healthcare professionals and patients has been relatively slowBut the ongoing COIVID-19 pandemic, contactless healthcare will be a welcome change for both the providers and patients. 

We also believe that one of the key beneficiaries of telemedicine will be those living in remote or rural regions, and where high-quality healthcare is not available.

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