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Image by Jonathan Borba

Dental care

Various dental conditions require in-person visit, but nonetheless many questions can be answered and dental problems can be resolved over a video or phone call. 

Image by Jonathan Borba

What We Treat

Various dental issues such as diagnosing infections, extracting pr cleaning teeth, and gum surgery  cannot be conducted remotely. But there are certain dental problems that can be diagnosed remotely. 

You can:

  • Obtain advice on broken, misaligned, or sensitive teeth,

  • Obtain advice on whether a teeth or gum-related problem is a dental or medical issue,

  • Get prescription or over-the-counter medicines for oral sores, lesions, or swollen or bleeding gums,

  • Have us conduct an oral health assessment, and

  • Obtain a second opinion about a dental treatment plan, that you may be thinking about.

You can also get  answers to various questions, such as:

1. When will my child expect to get or lose milk tooth?

2. Why are one of my teeth dark?

3. Do I need braces?

4. Do I need an Invisalign for my teeth?

5. Why do my gums bleed when I brush?

6. Why are my teeth so sensitive to cold water or ice cream?

7. Are my teeth in the right place?

8. Do I need normal or deep cleaning for my teeth? What are the differences?

9. Do I need to see a dentist for my particular problem(s)?

Consultation fee: $55 or insurance co-pay

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