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Herbal Medicine

Preventive Care 

We all need to take care of ourselves, as e grow and age. Taking good care is for the young and old, alike. At TeleHealthKare, we  understand the needs for all age groups, and all population demographics. Really. All.

Talk to us! Find out for yourself!

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What We Treat

We provide various types of preventive care including:

  • Age-related screening recommendations  

  • Dosage changes and refills   

  • Exercise  Counselling   

  • Hormone replacement counselling  

  • Heart health counselling 

  • Lifestyle Counselling   

  • Medication list  reviews, changes, and refills 

  • Pediatric issues such as colds, fever or rashes

  • Prostrate cancer risk counselling (for men) 

  • Pre-diabetes screening    

  • Vaccination and immunization plans & recommendations   

  • Vitamin deficiencies 

  • Weight management

Consultation fee:

      $75 or insurance co-pay 

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