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When You Need

It Most 

For Anyone,

24 x 7

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TeleHealthKare Advantages

  • Take care of over 60 non-emergency health conditions an

  • Get treatments starting at $65  (or in-network co-pay) 

  • Do not need insurance 

  • Book immediate appointments 

  • No need to take time off from work or school for appointments

  • Get refills or prescriptions sent to your preferred pharmacy

  • Get recommendations for non-prescription medications

  • Get doctor’s note for your office or school 

  • Avoid visiting clinics and exposure to germs

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To improve safety, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that we “replace in-person meetings with video- or tele-conference calls whenever possible."

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Down with cold, fever or sore throat. Our  board-certified physicians can help.

  • No visits to germy waiting rooms

  • Actually, no waiting

  • Immediate consultations

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How it works

Step 1

Sign up on our Portal

Step 2

Receive a phone call or email from us to setup a convenient time slot for a consultation

Step 3

Conduct the meeting (over video or phone)

Step 4

Get prescription sent to your local pharmacy

Step 5

Pick up your medications

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The new world of contactless contact is supported by automation and IT, something that we have evangelized extensively.

Donating Blood
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Quality healthcare begins with our  licensed and background-checked physicians who have over 10 years of experience and high customer  ratings.

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  • Get appointments for over 60 non-emergency conditions

  • Talk to our licensed and board-certified physicians

  • Get high-quality treatments options that may not be locally available

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