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  • What is TeleHealthKare?
    TeleHealthKare is a platform that facilities a consultation (over phone or video) between a doctor and a patient so that the patient can get a treatment plan and medications for non-emergency conditions.
  • What situations can I use TeleHealthKare?
    You can use TeleHealthKare for any non-emergency or non-life-threatening conditions, minor medical care, sick notes for your school or work, medications (prescription or over-the-counter) confirming if you need an in-person consultation getting suggestions or advcie. Please see our Patient pages for various conditions that we treat for.
  • Are your doctors licensed?
    Yes. The doctors operate only in states or countries where they are licensed toi practice.
  • What is the typical duration of an online (audio or video) consultation?
    Typically, it is anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes. Certain consultation such as for social or emotional care, and session with psychiatrists are longer.
  • Do you provide psychiatric care?
    Our physicians cover consultations for psychiatric conditions, with respect to refills and adjustment to the dosage, and provide equivalent substitutes for ongoing medications. However, we do not provide controlled substances or therapeutic cannabinoids. We do not cover situations involving delusions, hallucinations, and homicidal thoughts.
  • Do you provide pediatric services?
    Yes. We have pediatrists, primary care physicians, family practitioners and internists for care of young children. During the teleconsultation, if the doctor feels a need for an in-person consultation, we will suggest so. Certain situations may not be suitable for remote or tele-visits. One such example, is ear infections for children, which require an in-person visit for ear examination.
  • Do you provide consultations for Covid-19 (coronavirus) conditions?
    Yes. We provide initial consultations for symptoms that appear like Covid-19 viral infection. In case, there is need to go to a Hospital, we prescribe medications and a treatment plan. In case, there is a need for in-person consultation or laboratory testing, we will advise so. Medicines recommended for Covid-19 patients may be experimental and have limited or no clinical evidence to support their benefits or risks. Note that refund requests after a Covid-19 consultation will not be accepted or processed.
  • My question is not answered in this FAQ. What should I do?
    Please send an email to or fill the Contact us form and one of our trained service specialists will contact you.
  • If the teleconsultation results in a recommendation for an in-person visit, will the fee or co-pay be refunded?"
    No. Many situations are suitable for an in-person consultation, such as emergency conditions, ear infection, or severe bleeding. If the teleconsultation physician recommends an in-person consultation, the fee or co-pay will not be refunded.
  • Do you provide doctor notes?
    Yes, we provide doctor notes for leaves from work or school. The leave note can be only for the date of the online visit. Future dates can be included based on the conditions and assessments, during the visit. Note that requests for leave letters for past dates can be declined. Also, documents, such as disability forms, DMV forms or certification forms based on Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), cannot be completed during tele-visits and may require in-person consultations.
  • How do I get my doctor’s notes?
    You can access the notes by logging into your account, and then viewing the documents section, within your account.
  • What are the conditions for which notes or letters, cannot be given?"
    We do not provide certain letters, including but not limited to the following: Disability certification letters, Driver fitness letters or for any other jobs, Medical cards for controlled substances, Jury duty excuse letters, Travel excuse letters, or Vaccination exemption letters.
  • Can I get prescriptions for medicines?
    Yes. You can get prescriptions for new or ongoing medicines.
  • Do you provide consulations or medications for Covid-19?
    Yes. With Covid-19, there are two conditions: Mild conditions: For a mild conditions, we prescribe medications. Yes, we do. If you have COvid-19 symptoms, we can prescribe medications This is generally deal with nutraceuticals. We include this in out treatment plan. Severe conditions that require vedntuilater are best administered in a hospital.
  • My pharmacy has not yet received the prescription?
    Please contact Telekare at, but allow two hours after completing your consultation.
  • Can I get refills?
    Yes, but for medicines that are are permiited to be prescribed without an in-person consultation.
  • Which medications are not covered by your doctors?
    We do not cover or prescribe various controlled substances or drugs including, but not limited, to the following: ADHD medications Alcohol abuse disorder medications Codeine-containing medications Insomnia related Menstrual suppression medications Narcotics, Vitamin or testosterone injections, Weight loss medications
  • Can I get my medicines prescribed at my preferred pharmacy?
    Yes, you can select a pharmacy of your choice and we will provide the prescription to that pharmacy, provide there is a prescription medication based on the consultation.
  • How do I register for an account?
    You can register for a new account for free at the Sign Up Page.
  • I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?
    Use the “Forgot Password” link to request a password-reset URL to your registered email address.
  • Can I share my account with my family members?
    No, each adult person (18 years or older) must have his or her own account. For example, you spouse must have a separate account. For children (17 years or younger), you can add them as dependents in your user account and obtain appointments for their consultations.
  • Can my children be added as a dependent in my account, as well as my spouse’s account?"
    Yes. Children who are 17 years or younger, can be added as a dependent on your account. Those, who are 18 years or older, must cretae their own account.
  • Can I add my spouse to my account?
    No. Your spouse must have a separate account.
  • Can I add my children who are 18 years or older to my account?
    No. The dependents that you add to your account must be 17 years or younger.
  • Are the consultations conducted over phone or video conferencing?
    Yes. Consultations are over either phone or video consulting, or both. We contact you over phone (or email) to setup the consultation time window. Later, the consultation with the physician happens over phone or using a video conferencing application (such as Zoom, WhatsApp video or Google Meet)
  • How do I use Zoom?
    Click on the URL link provided by us. Then click on Start Zoom. There is no need to download or create an account on Zoom.
  • Do  I need to install Zoom software on my laptop or phone for the teleconsultation session?
    No. It is not necessary in most situations. However, in case iit is required for your devices, you can install Zoom client software from the Zoom Download Center at
  • Can I schedule a consultation with a physician, if I do not have medical insurance?"
    Yes. In case, you do not have any insurance, there is a fee, that is dependent on the symptom category.
  • I have medical insurance. What will be the fee for me to pay?
    The fee is the copayment amount, as per your insurance plan.
  • Do you accept my insurance plan?
    We have partnered with a few insurance providers. Please call us or submit an enquiry with the name of your insurance provider, and we will provide more details.
  • How do I request for a refund?
    You can request via email to or by filling the Contact Us form.
  • What are the requirements for a refund?
    In order to be eligible for a refund you must request the refund within 48 hours of completing the appointment. If a prescription medicines was recommended or prescribed, you have must not have picked up the prescription medicines from the pharmacy. In case, a laboratory testing was recommended or prescribed, you have mut not have provided the specimen or sample for testing. Your physician will be notified about the refund request.
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