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Telemedicine benefits during the post-pandemic times

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

In the global COVID-19 pandemic the benefits of telehealth have become evident and accepted.

CDC recommends telehealth services. According to CDC, “Telehealth services can facilitate public health mitigation strategies during this pandemic by increasing social distancing. These services can be a safer option for healthcare personnel (HCP) and patients.

Telehealth can minimize the risk of infectious exposures. Telehealth services can also lower the burden on healthcare systems by reducing the surge of patient demand on healthcare providers. (Reference: CDC, 2020, retrieved from

The key benefits of telehealth and telemedicine especially during these periods of COVID 19-induced pandemic are the improved ability to do the following:

1. Remotely diagnose low-risk conditions

2. Provide care and advice for COVID -19 positive patients who are exhibiting low-risk symptoms

3. Provide support and coaching to low-risk self-isolated COVID-19 positive patients

4. Monitor development of symptoms (such as oxygen levels, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, appetite, and ability to breathe without strain) for COVID -19 positive patients

5. Assess if and when situation worsens and advise them to go to a hospital for necessary treatment

6. Follow-up with patients once they return from hospital.

Healthcare professionals and insurance agencies (payers) need to support the transition to telehealth services during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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